Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My faith is weak, what do I do?

Someone asked, my faith is weak, what do I do?

Search your heart for the love of Allah. If you find it, then nurture it so that it grows to fill your heart. Remove the dust that had been building up on it for the years that you spent forgetting Him and His love.You do that by giving time to your greatest love of all, the love of your Creator, the One who gave you everything you were able to smile for.You remember when you smiled at the sight of a newly born child or a cute animal? Allah created that. When you rested in the arms of your lover? Allah gave you that. When you cried of joy at a success that you made in this life? Allah gave you all that. So give Him some of your time daily. How much time? That depends on your situation at the moment. Start with an hour every day. Say that every day at this time I am going to give you an hour of my day my Lord. Use that hour to make ablution, recite, learn, and memorize Quran. Use some of that hour to pray to him and remember Him. If you cannot give Allah an hour, give Him half an hour, just give Him sometime every day, and be firm and consistent on this. After all, He gave you the 24 hours. Also, loan your Lord some money from His money that He has entrusted you with. Give the poor. Go out of your way to help someone, cook for a hungry family, or help others learn Islam.All these actions will increase the love you have in your heart for your Creator. Make a log book for your Iman. Record in it what you plan to do and what you have done.
From Brother Mazen


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