Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Drinking Coffee....

The Advantages Of Drinking Coffee

If you are a coffee drinker you know that after a cup of coffee you feel reenergized. You might want to study all night for an exam or wake up and get ready for a work packed day. Coffee can be your ally if you drink it with moderation.

Many people associate coffee with a couple of minutes of relaxation, socializing and energizing. Coffee has many health benefits. Regardless of what type of coffee you enjoy the health benefits of coffee are the same.

Of course because it is a powerful stimulant coffee has to be drank with measure. A moderate consumption of coffee is of about 3 to 5 cups of coffee per day. Not extra strong coffee. I would recommend weaker coffee if you will go for 5 cups of coffee per day. A balanced moderate consumption has a beneficial effect over your mental and physical effect. Coffee helps reduce the sensation of tiredness, improves your short term memory and increases your intellectual performance.

A study realized in the University of Arizona in 2002 pointed out that one of the effects that caffeine has on the human body is the improvement of memory. The study showed that the human memory is at its peak performance during the early hours of the day. During the day your memorizing capabilities drop down with each passing hour. But interestingly the test subjects that drank coffee during the day had the same memorizing capacity as in the morning. Those that consumed decaf coffee did not benefit from the effects of caffeine on their memory. Pretty cool if you ask me.

If you suffer from very low blood pressure you should start drinking coffee. Coffee increases blood pressure. I know people that used to faint on the street because of extremely low blood pressure. Coffee is what they use to make sure they will never faint again.

Drinking coffee with moderation is ok and even healthy. Make sure you pick a good natural brand of coffee and stick with it. Coffee is also a great way to socialize and tell stories to your friends. If you don’t like coffee drink green tea because it contains caffeine too, but in smaller quantities.

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